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Clients own words

I have had the honour to guide many people in group sessions and one-to-one work. Using breathwork as a method for loosing up blockages and stagnations. These are their own words about the experience. 


"Christian is a guide who immediately engages my calmness and encourages curiosity. His security and smiling eyes are contagious throughout the room. I want to say that everyone feels it, regardless of whether you are there for the first time. Christian has a warm and educational way when he invites before and during the active breathing without performance to then go into deep recovery and relaxation. All the while with a huge presence.

Since I found  Hale Center, Christian has been one of those guides who made me establish a sustainable clarity, directness, security in me.

I can warmly recommend Christian. He is a fantastic Breathwork guide who knows his stuff. How we breathe is really so significant and it is a magical tool we have within us. Thank you 🙏 ❤️”

Ulrika Ekenberg

"Doing breathwork with Christian as support is taking a journey into life's known and unknown possibilities under the safest guidance. He inspires and instructs with great warmth and deep commitment, seasoned with a dose of challenge, always with full focus on the one or those who breathe."

- Sara Modig


"Since the first time I met Christian, I have felt his presence and support. With his guidance and finesse, he has helped me let go and just be, exactly who you are. His support has been an important part of my healing in body and soul. Christian rocks! 👨‍🎤✨”

- Philip Bergman

"Christian feels warm, pleasant and grounded. He calmly and pedagogically explains how everything should be done. He is careful that everything happens with consent and no one should feel forced to be touched or share during the sharing. I can really feel his passion and how much he is passionate about helping other people feel good and letting go of what needs to be let go. He can trigger emotions in an incredibly good and empathetic way. He is there as support and holds you if needed. A breathwork with Christian allows you too process old traumas and be healed, a magical experience!” -

Jessica Jansson


"With Christian as facilitator, I feel safe. He is calm, very empathetic and his presence in the room is very pleasant. He creates a safe space where everything is welcome and feels natural.

I was able to let go and let go of what wanted to come and I felt like I was being held during the session. He knows exactly when you as a participant need to be left alone and when you might need a little support in the process you are in."

-Pippi Ejvemark

"I have practiced breathwork for just over 2 years. Usually in groups. Different instructors.Christian is an incredibly pleasant and present person, I think his way of leading group breathing is characterized by clarity, consideration and calm. I also had individual sessions with him. Very safe and healing. I recommend Christian and wouldn't be surprised if you later book him again...”​

- Sofia Singemo

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