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My story

Healing from the breath and cold water

My name is Christian Haag. I have worked in the film industry almost my entire adult life. It is a fantastic industry in many ways. Creative, exciting and with a lot of wonderful co-workers. But at many times it has also been stressful, filled with anxiety and self doubt and draining of your energy.

On one project a couple of years ago I woke up one morning and couldn't take it anymore. I was completely drained and had no energy or motivation left. I started receiving help for the first time ever and realised how much mental health issues I had. I got some help from the regular health-care but it only suppressed the symptoms. It didn't get to the root cause.

One day on Instagram I saw someone taking a plunge in ice-water. I had never seen anyone do this before and got very intrigued. He wrote about Wim Hof and I looked him up straight away. The same day I had my first breathwork session and my first cold bath (in my bath tub) 

I felt something on the inside that I hadn't felt before. A sort of calm, acceptance and even self love that I had never experienced before. I got hooked straight away and started doing breathwork regularly and also continued with cold swims and cold showers every day.

I discovered breathwork in group sessions and that changed a lot for me. I got very aware of energies. How other energies can influence your own. That became very obvious in group settings. I continued my journey with energy work, shamanic healing and even more breathwork. Thats where i discovered Rebirthing Breathwork (frigörande andning).

During Rebirthing breathwork I could with my mind visit places and situations from my childhood that have haunted me and made me question myself and my worth. And as a grown up I could step in to the situations and console and take care of the little inner child. And I could release the actual energy that was stuck in my body and let it go. 

After that I became passionate about rebirthing. I have studied re-birthing for 1,5 years  with Bo Wahlström and held many private sessions with clients. Lately I have also discovered many more things such as Tantra, Authentic Relating, Sound healing, Shamanic drum journeys, circling, men groups, cacao ceremonies, rapé and other plant medicines and much more. Even though I still need help from regular care-takers, Breathwork and the ice water has helped me get to the root and I'm still growing everyday.

Will you join me on my journey? 


About Breathwork

Change your breath and change your life.

The way we breath highly  influences how we feel. How we feel our body. How we feel in the mind and how we feel our emotions. Breathwork is a way to feel more. To get to know yourself on a deeper level and get to the root of your traumas, suffering, mind chatter and pains. And a chance to experience bliss, joy, love and gratitude.

Breathwork stimulates the entire nervous system to both find the inherent energy and life force within you. But also to find deep relaxation and rest. Breathwork is like an expressway to the deepest places of meditation.

Once there, it's just a matter of letting the body and mind guide the way forward. It can be both healing and a way to release tension and inherent stress and anxiety.

Its all within reach. Just breath in. And let go. 

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About SunSon

The Son of the Sun

The name SunSon comes from a song by German artist Nils Frahm. I've had some of my strongest experiences during breathwork listening to that song. I've had a glimpse of what people call eternity,  The Universe, Source, universal consciousness or God. I am not afraid of death. I realise its just a passing from one state of consciousness to another. Like falling asleep or getting deep into meditation. However. I want to stay on earth and learn as much as possible about being a human being with a body and a mind. But ultimately I see myself as a child of an greater power. The Son of the Sun. 

Sunson by Nils Frahm:

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