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Breathe In. Let Go. 


About Breathwork

Change your breath and change your life.

The way we breath highly  influences how we feel. How we feel our body. How we feel in the mind and how we feel our emotions. Breathwork is a way to feel more. To get to know yourself on a deeper level and get to the root of your traumas, suffering, mind chatter and pains. And a chance to experience bliss, joy, love and gratitude.

Breathwork stimulates the entire nervous system to both find the inherent energy and life force within you. But also to find deep relaxation and rest. Breathwork is like an expressway to the deepest places of meditation.

Once there, it's just a matter of letting the body and mind guide the way forward. It can be both healing and a way to release tension and inherent stress and anxiety.

Its all within reach. Just breath in. And let go. 


About Me

I see myself as a peaceworker. One group and one individual at at time

My name is Christian Haag and I am passionate about helping people get in contact with them selfs, changing beliefs and changing world view. One way to do this, which is my biggest passion,  is to use Breathwork. I am a certified breath coach at yogabody and certified breath guide at hale center in Stockholm. One of the world's first dedicated breathwork centers. There, for several years, I have regularly held many different types of breathing sessions. I have studied Rebirthing breathwork (Frigörande andning),  with Bo Wahlström as the main teacher, and have worked individually with many clients to get them to release old blockages and tensions. Rebirthing breathing is a simple, powerful and psychodynamic method. Over the years, I have also developed my skills in tantra and bodywork, combining these various practices in my work. Integrating breathwork with tantra and mindful touch is one of my greatest passions. It allows individuals to delve deep within themselves and also open up to the world. Changing an individual's view of himself and his traumas changes his view of the world. So I see it as a type of peace work. One individual and one group at a time.

Our Services


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